In all of my previous editorial experiences, I have tried to take away at least one thing to improve my future writing experiences. I have taken away that deadlines, along with the necessity to keep producing writing on a consistent basis can impact writing quality. I have also found that people are more eager to be a part of something when they are more accurately represented, and aren’t overshadowed by the editorial hand. Each and every one of my past endeavors has led up to the creation of Banter Sports, which puts the ball in the writers’ court (lol). Everyone has their own opinion on sports and everyone loves to express their opinion, and my hope is that Banter Sports operates as a venue of expressing these opinions.

Banter Sports is a sports blog made with specific intentions of providing an opportunity for sportswriters of all ages to showcase their work. We operate on writer-made deadlines with a specific focus on providing freedom for the author that is built into the editing process that follows the completion of the piece. Although we encourage writers to come back and write as many pieces for us as possible, we do not require writers to consistently produce articles for us to be published on Banter Sports. We believe that there is no “correct” way of writing, and the preservation of the voice of the writer is an essential facet to the blog.

The people at Banter Sports are always looking for more writers. We hope that we can consistently provide exposure to sportswriters for years to come.

Ben Zeltser, Founder and EIC

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